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About Us

Jeanne Doorley is the owner of Etiquette Advantage. Etiquette Advantage opened in 2011 after recognizing an opportunity to help people by providing formalized manners training in the workforce. All instructors are certified by the Etiquette and Leadership Institute.

We are committed to helping people live up to their full career potential by providing instruction on accepted rules and customs. An employee's good manners benefit both the individual and the company. Giving people resources to allow their talent to speak for itself is the priority of Etiquette Advantage.

Companies spend thousands of dollars training and educating employees. Yet, if an employee is rude or inconsiderate, the company can miss out on the advantages of good relationships. Companies deliberately create a corporate culture that motivates employees and garners their respect. Great manners facilitate excellent work relationships and lead to greater opportunities both for employees and clients.

Ask yourself:

Who best represents your company both in the office interacting with other employees? Or outside the company with clients and vendors? Who do you prefer to be around in your company and why? Take the guesswork out of good manners. Contact us today to schedule a workshop option that supports your company's goals.