Good manners are as integral to a professional image as is technical knowledge. Not only does it make for a nicer work environment, it is an advantage in the business arena.

Social skills can be learned, strengthened and improved over time.

They are easily learned and last a lifetime.

Take the guesswork out of good manners and excellent social skills

We teach the following

Social Skills

  • Dining manners
  • Introductions, handshakes, small talk, eye contact
  • Events corporate, private, large gatherings, weddings, funerals
  • Public Etiquette - doors, stairs, elevators, escalators, open areas
  • Attire, hygiene, awareness of others
  • Soft Skills - e.g., enthusiasm, attitude, communication, teamwork

Etiquette Essentials

  • Have your employees represent themselves and company culture with expert good manners and social skills. 

  • Have your employees project a positive image with confidence and authority.

  • Have well-rounded employees that are at ease with social graces. 

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